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   RUSSIAN-SPEAKING DIASPORA JUSTICE AWARD 2014 is established by a group of organizations and individuals with the purpose of providing recognition and support to immigrants from the former Soviet Union region whose significant contributions to their community, their country and/or world affairs have not been sufficiently acknowledged by other institutions.

The Award is currently being established for the year 2014. Its co-founders and members of its committee will make their decisions about participating in it in subsequent years at a later stage.

“Russian-speaking” in the name of the award refers to the lingua franca of the former Soviet Union, as a key part of our shared historical experience. The Committee encourages nominations of representatives of any nation and ethnicity from the former Soviet Union or any of its successor states, regardless of their native language.

Criteria for nomination:

1. The nominee should have been born in the former Soviet Union or any one of its successor states or, in rare cases, have other significant relationship, in the opinion of the nominator and/or the committee, to ex-Soviet/post-Soviet communities in America.

2. The nominee should be residing in the United States permanently or most of the time.

3. The nominee has made a significant contribution, in the nominator(s) and/or committee opinion, to the defense and advancement of human/civil rights and human dignity, either through his/her overt public activities or through education and the arts, either in his/her native country or in the United States.

4. The nominee is not a current recipient of any other monetary award or grant for the work for which s/he is being recognized and does not hold a full-time salaried position in the field of this work.

The nominations and voting can be done by email (amrusrights@rccmb.org) or on our Facebook page as well as – for those who may not have internet access or prefer other means of communication – by mail to American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights, 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, New York NY 10001, or by phone to 212. 726.2082 (please leave message). The nominations are accepted from Wednesday Dec. 10 to Monday Dec. 15. The voting will take place from Tuesday Dec. 16 to Friday Dec. 19. The form and monetary value of the award will be determined by the Committee based on the available funds and other considerations.






Dr. Alexander BOLONKIN




Please see more details and Like our nominees on the Award’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RussianSpeakingDiasporaJusticeAward?ref=hl

Your support toward this award program will be highly appreciated. You are welcome to mail a check (with a note, “Diaspora Justice Award”) to Russian-Speaking Community Council of Manhattan and the Bronx, Inc. (RCCMB), 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, New York NY 10001. RCCMB has a tax-exempt status with the IRS and is a fiscal sponsor for the Association. You are also welcome to donate online at www.rccmb.org.


Founding organizations
American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights
General Petro Grigorenko Foundation
The Andrei Sakharov Foundation

Founding members
V.Rev. Michael Aksionov Meerson, Rabbi Leonid Feldman, Boris Tenzer, Tatiana Yankelevich

Supporting organizations
Lodyjensky Immigration Archive Center /
The Pushkin Society of America
Russian-Speaking Community Council of Manhattan and the Bronx

[list in formation]

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PRESS RELEASE: ARA Rallies Supporters In 6 US Cities For The Russian-Ukrainian Peace Actions


 Press Contact: Natalya Petroff

Phone: 917 288 0722E-mail: communications@rccmb.org


September 22, 2014, New York City-Washington-Los Angeles-San Francisco-Seattle-Houston 


Association Rallies Friends & Supporters In Six US Cities

For Joint Russian-Ukrainian Peace Actions  

In Solidarity With The Russian Peace March

     On Sunday, September 21, American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights (ARA), jointly with other organizations and independent activists, brought hundreds of its friends and supporters into the streets of New York City, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston for the joint Russian-Ukrainian actions of solidarity with the Russians’ Peace March against the Putin regime’s military interference in Ukraine. The Association also provided media and information support for the seventh rally, in Boston, which was held by the Ukrainian community.

“Ukrainians and Russians have a rich shared history, including their joint struggle for human rights and democracy in the former Soviet Union, which is often overlooked,” said Lyuba Murzhenko, Vice President of Russian-Speaking Community Council of Manhattan and the Bronx and a participant of the Soviet dissident movement in the 1970s-1980s. “Today, tens of thousands of Russians have hit the streets in over 40 cities in Russia and throughout the diaspora, protesting against the Kremlin’s assault upon their closest neighbor. Putin’s war is not their war, even while many in Russia have been brainwashed or simply have to put up with the regime in order to survive. The struggle for a peaceful, democratic Russia and a secure Ukraine is hard, but we’re in it together, and we shall prevail.”

“I proudly stand with American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil and Human Rights and other participants in today’s rallies in opposing the Russian government’s aggression against Ukraine,” said Kirill Reznik, Delegate of Maryland State Assembly, in his written message. “The Russian-speaking community in the United States, and I, as its member as well as the first Ukrainian-born American legislator, understand that peaceful cooperation is the only way to achieve economic, political, and social prosperity.  We oppose the actions of Mr. Putin and his separatists in Eastern Ukraine and urge the United States Government, as well as all of the governments of Europe, to take every action necessary to bring peace and stability back to the region.”

“As Russian-Americans, we cannot be silent when the present Russian government intervenes militarily in Ukraine’s affairs, while continuing to suppress freedoms in Russia, and transforms it into a pariah state,” said Dmitri Glinski, ARA’s Co-Chair of the Board. “We have come here to affirm our vision of a future peaceful, democratic Russia that respects the rights of its own and other people, is a respected member of the community of democratic nations, and asserts itself by the power of its ideas, science, technology, and the arts, not by military power. This is the vision upon which Russian Federation was built in 1990-1991, and we stand in solidarity with those Russians who are rallying today in Russia and around the world in support of this vision.”



At the Russian Mission to the UN in New York City:

NYC rally for VNS

 Photo by Leonid Aptekar

At the Peace March in Washington DC:

 Photo by Vyacheslav Revin


Peace Rally at the Federal Building in Los Angeles:

 Photo by Igor Kokarev


At the Russian Consulate in San Francisco:

 Photo by Iva Demchuk


At the Russian Consulate in Seattle:

 Photo by Lyudmila Dovgan


 At the Russian Consulate in Houston:

Photo by Natalya Fisyak

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