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Ukrainian and Russian Diasporas Antiwar Roundtable forum:


This event – part of our Roundtable series – will take place via Zoom on Thursday, August 25, from 10am to 12pm Eastern Standard Time. It will be dedicated to the 10th anniversary of ARA – by now the oldest active organization of Russia’s political exiles in the US and their friends and allies from Ukraine and other countries. ARA works to organize our community and raise public awareness on issues of democracy and human rights in the post-Soviet space, with emphasis on Russia. This roundtable will be entirely in English. To register and receive the link to attend, please email to amrusrights@rccmb.org, indicating your name, city, country, and affiliation (if any).

EVENT PROGRAM (in formation):

Welcoming remarks: Tatiana Yankelevich Bonner and Dmitri Glinski

– Pavel Litvinov – Member, Board of Directors, The Andrei Sakharov Foundation; co-organizer of “For Your Freedom and Ours” protest in the Red Square on Aug. 25, 1968 against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia; co-founder of ARA

– Boris Bondarev – former Counsellor to Russia’s Permanent Mission to the UN Office in Geneva who resigned in protest against the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine

– Liubov Stasiv – Co-Chair of ARA’s Ukrainian and Russian Diasporas Antiwar Roundtable; former Member of Ukraine’s Parliament and of the Presidential Administration of President Viktor Yushchenko

– Dmitri Glinski – co-founder and Managing Director of ARA, former Member of Russia’s Constitutional Consultative Assembly under President Boris Yeltsin (presentation of ARA work)

– Laura Thornton – Director and Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund; Member of the Summit for Democracy’s Working Group on Countering Authoritarianism

– Antti Pentikäinen – Director, Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation in Arlington, Virginia; Research Professor, George Mason University Carter School; former Special Envoy for Finland’s Prime Minister on the Refugee Crisis and former Advisor to the U.N. Assistant Secretary-General on Prevention of Genocide 

– Robert Van Voren – Executive Director of the Andrei Sakharov Research Center for Democratic Development of Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania) where he is also Professor of Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies; Chief Executive of Human Rights in Mental Health, Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry (FGIP)

– Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern – Crown Family Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of History, Department of History, Northwestern University; Associate of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard

– Ilya Nuzov – Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Desk, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

– Tatiana Yankelevich Bonner – Co-Chair of ARA Board of Directors, former Director of the Sakharov Program at Harvard University.


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