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Ukrainian- and Russian-American Antiwar Roundtable: Online forum on June 25 / Антивоєнний круглий стіл української та російської діаспор у США / Антивоенный Круглый стол деятелей украинской и российской диаспор в США: Зум-форум 25 июня

RUSSIA’S DEMOCRATS ABROAD AS PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR UKRAINE – A dialogue between Russian diaspora’s antiwar organizers and Ukrainian human rights defenders /

/ РОСІЙСЬКІ ДЕМОКРАТИ В ЕМІГРАЦІЇ ЯК ЧАСТИНА МІЖНАРОДНОЇ КОАЛІЦІЇ НА ПІДТРИМКУ УКРАЇНИ – Діалог організаторів антивоєнних акцій у російській діаспорі та українських правозахисників /

/ РОССИЙСКИЕ ДЕМОКРАТЫ В ЭМИГРАЦИИ КАК ЧАСТЬ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ КОАЛИЦИИ В ПОДДЕРЖКУ УКРАИНЫ – Диалог организаторов антивоенных акций в российской диаспоре и украинских правозащитников

Our new international zoom forum of our Ukrainian- and Russian-American Antiwar Roundtable took place on Saturday June 25. It was focused upon the state of the antiwar movement in the Russian diaspora based on its latest wave of protests against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that were held by Russian expats in two dozen countries on June 12 (officially observed by the Kremlin as ‘the Russia Day’). We listened the organizers and participants of these rallies from five counties representing a new wave of up-and-coming activists, some of whom have been forced out of their native country. We also heard from Ukraine’s prominent human rights defenders about the Ukrainians’ views of the Russian protest and protesters against the invasion and of their value as an asset in the struggle for the liberation of Ukraine and for the relations between our two peoples in the post-Putin future.

1. Organizers of the June 12 rallies:
– Alla Ebel (Prague); – Peter Nikitin (Belgrade); – Olga Babina (Montreal); – Ilya Mezentsev (Wellington)
2. Ukrainian human rights defenders: –
– Evgen Zaharov (Kharkiv), Board Chair of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and Board Member of the International Memorial Society
– Iosif Zissels (Kyiv), Executive Vice Chair of Ukraine’s Congress of Ethnic Communities

Co-chairs of the Roundtable – Liubov Stasiv, former Ukrainian MP (member of the Verkhovna Rada, 2006-07) and Dmitri Glinski, former member of Russia’s Constitutional Consultative Assembly under President Yeltsin, 1993

VIDEO RECORDING OF THIS EVENT IS AVAILABLE HERE / ВИДЕОЗАПИСЬ НАШЕГО ФОРУМА – ЗДЕСЬ: https://www.facebook.com/AmRusRights/videos/361176846119972

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