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Rally of solidarity with Russia’s political prisoners (Dec. 12, 2015, New York City)/ Акция солидарности с российскими политзэками (12 дек. 2015 г., Нью-Йорк)

Our Association, together with “Russian Americans in Support of Ukraine” and others, took part in today’s rally of solidarity with democratic opposition in Russia, which took place in front of the Russian Consulate. We called upon the Russian authorities to abide by their Constitution and to release political prisoners, including Ildar Dadin, Yevgeny Vitishko, Oleh Sentsov, and many others. / Сегодня наша Ассоциация, совместно с другими группами и независимыми активистами, провела митинг солидарности с российскими демократами напротив российского консульства в Нью-Йорке, под лозунгами “Соблюдайте вашу конституцию!” и “Свободу политзаключённым!”

Naum Korzhavin has won the Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award for 2015


December 4, 2015

Poet, playwright, Soviet-era political prisoner Naum Korzhavin – a native of Ukraine, a son of the Jewish people, a Russian writer, and a US citizen – has been awarded the Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award of 2015, “in recognition of the power of his poetic dialogue with Russia’s past and present, his fearlessness in the face of controversy, and his unwavering commitment to human dignity”. The award ceremony will take place tomorrow, December 5, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Born in Kyiv (Kiev) in 1925 as Naum Mandel (Korzhavin is his penname), Naum was a student at the Literary Institute in Moscow in 1947, when he was arrested and sentenced to exile in Siberia as ‘socially dangerous’. While in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, he graduated from a mining technical school. In 1959, upon return from exile, he was able to graduate from the Literary Institute as well. In the 1960s, he became famous as a poet and a playwright, as well as active in the dissident movement. His support for political prisoners and his underground ‘samizdat’ publications led to a ban on his writings by Soviet authorities. In 1973, he was compelled to leave the country and moved to the United States. In late 1980s, he was able to travel to Russia, reading his poetry to large and appreciative audiences. In 2005, he became one of the heroes of documentary film, ‘They Chose Freedom’.

The Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award was founded last year by several organizations and individuals – including the American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights, General Petro Grigorenko Foundation, Lodyjensky Immigration Archive Center of Russian & Ukrainian Culture/The Pushkin Society in America, Russian-speaking Community Council of Manhattan and the Bronx, The Andrei Sakharov Foundation, as well as V.Rev. Michael Aksionov Meerson, Rabbi Leonid Feldman, TV host Boris Tenzer, and human rights advocate Tatiana Yankelevich. The first award recipient was human rights thniker and activist, poet and mathematician Alexander Yesenin-Volpin.
4 декабря 2015 г.

Премия “Справедливость” русскоязычной диаспоры в этом году присуждена поэту, драматургу, политзаключённому сталинской эпохи Науму Коржавину. Церемония вручения состоится завтра, 5 декабря, в Чепел-Хилл (Северная Каролина).

Премия учреждена в прошлом году рядом организаций и частных лиц – включая Американскую русскоязычную правозащитную ассоциацию, Фонд Андрея Сахарова, Фонд генерала Петра Григоренко, Центр-архив русской и украинской иммиграции им.Е.Лодыженской и Пушкинское общество Америки, Русскоязычный общественный совет Манхэттена и Бронкса, а также православного священника отца Михаила Аксёнова-Меерсона, раввина Леонида Фельдмана, телеведущего Бориса Тенцера и правозащитницу Татьяну Янкелевич. Первая премия была присуждена одному из создателей и интеллектуальных лидеров правозащитного движения СССР, поэту и математику Александру Есенину-Вольпину.

Presenting the award to Naum Korzhavin at his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina / Вручение премии Науму Коржавину в его доме в Чепел Хилл (Северная Каролина)
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