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Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award candidates for 2015 / Кандидаты на Премию “Справедливость” русскоязычной диаспоры за 2015 год

The Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award nominating committee has nominated the following individuals for our 2015 Award:

~ NAUM KORZHAVIN – poet, playwright, human rights advocate, Stalin-era political prisoner (currently residing in Chapel Hill, NC)

~ BORIS GULKO – International Grandmaster in chess, Soviet-era refusenik, columnist of ‘Evreysky mir’ (currently residing in Fair Lawn, NJ)

~ VLADIMIR ALBREKHT – Soviet-era political prisoner, human rights advocate, author (currently residing in Lynn, MA)

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RUSSIAN-SPEAKING DIASPORA JUSTICE AWARD was established in 2014 to provide recognition and support to immigrants from the former Soviet Union region whose significant contributions to their community, their country and/or world affairs have not been sufficiently acknowledged by other institutions. The 2014 Award recipient is Dr. Alexander Yessenin-Volpin. The Award Committee included our Association, The Andrei Sakharov Foundation, General Petro Grigorenko Foundation, Lodyjensky Immigration Archive Center of Russian and Ukrainian Culture/Pushkin Society in America, as well as, on an individual basis, Rev.Fr.Michael Aksionov-Meerson, Rabbi Leonid Feldman, Boris Tenzer, and Tatiana Yankelevich.

“Russian-speaking” in the name of the award refers to the lingua franca of the former Soviet Union, as a key part of our shared historical experience. We encourage nominations of representatives of any nation and ethnicity from the former Soviet Union or any of its successor states, regardless of their native language.

Criteria for nomination:

1. The nominee should have been born in the former Soviet Union or any one of its successor states or, in rare cases, have other significant relationship, in the opinion of the nominator and/or the committee, to ex-Soviet/post-Soviet communities in America.

2. The nominee should be residing in the United States permanently or most of the time.

3. The nominee has made a significant contribution, in the nominator(s) and/or committee opinion, to the defense and advancement of human/civil rights and human dignity, either through his/her overt public activities or through education and the arts, either in his/her previous country or in the United States.

4. The nominee is not a current recipient of any other monetary award or grant for the work for which s/he is being recognized and does not hold a full-time paid position in the field of this work.

The nominations and voting can be done by email (amrusrights@rccmb.org) or on our Facebook page as well as – for those who may not have internet access or prefer other means of communication – by mail to American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights, 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, New York NY 10001, or by phone to 212. 726.2082 (please leave message).

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