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Alexander Yessenin-Volpin – the winner of Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award of 2014

New York – Boston (Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014)


   VolpinThe first-ever Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award, established earlier this year by several U.S. organizations and individuals as a recognition for immigrants from Soviet Union countries who have advanced human rights and dignity, has been bestowed upon Alexander Yessenin-Volpin, mathematician, poet, and a hero of the struggle for human rights and democratic change in the former Soviet Union.

Alexander Yessenin-Volpin, who turned 90 on May 12, 2014, was repeatedly imprisoned, exiled and persecuted under Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev for his advocacy of intellectual freedom. In the early 1960s, he developed a unique philosophical concept and legal strategy for the defense of civil liberties under a totalitarian regime inspiring hundreds of people to stand up for human rights, which ultimately evolved into a movement known in the West as “dissident”. Together with his friends, he organized, in 1965, the first peaceful demonstration in Moscow to support prisoners of conscience and to uphold the constitution. Even today, 50 years after that event, the place and the date of this first demonstration remain a traditional annual rallying point for Russian democrats and human rights activists. Since then, his ideas of peacefully and legally challenging an anti-democratic government have been widely used by the human rights movements all over the world. He is the author of A Leaf of Spring (New York : Frederick A. Praeger, 1961) and of Abuse of Psychiatry for Political Repression in Soviet Union (Ayer Company Publishers, 1973). In the US since 1972, he was a professor at the University of Buffalo and Boston University. He is a native of St.Petersburg and a son of one of Russia’s foremost poets Sergey Yessenin. He currently resides in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Yessenin-Volpin is being recognized “for his thought and action advancing human rights and the rule of law and for his international advocacy against psychiatric abuse and torture.” He was selected from among seven candidates by a committee that includes national and local organizations of the Russian/Russian-speaking and Ukrainian communities and two foundations promoting the legacy of the Soviet-era human rights movement, and has a broad geographic representation – from New York, Washington DC area, Florida and Boston.

To learn more about the award, please contact Ms. Tatiana Yankelevich at (yankelev@fas.harvard.edu), Ms. Victoriya Kurchenko, President of the Pushkin Society in America / Lodyjensky Immigration Archive Center of Russian & Ukrainian Culture (LIAC) (vikurchenko@yahoo.com), or Ms. Natalya Petroff, Press Officer of American Russian-Speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights, (communications@rccmb.org).



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“One myth has been shattered <…> It is the idea that the idea of the rule of law is alien to Russians. I hope this myth will never reappear. It is true that the rule of law in Russia has traditionally been weak. But one cannot say that the rule of law is only a Western idea and that it does not exist in Russia. That was the myth. And that myth is gone.” / «Разрушен один миф – миф о том, будто идея права вообще несвойственна русским. Вот этот миф, надеюсь, не возродится. Слаба законность, верно, но нельзя сказать, что законность – это только западная идея, а в России ее нет.«


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